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Welcome to the divine feminine, a brand rooted in helping you discover your inner goddess complex through self-empowerment, manifestation, and feminism. By sharing all kinds of art, lifestyle tips, and aesthetics, the goal here is provide a relatable, artistic and helpful environment. My name is Abigail Rose, I am the creator and main contributor to this brand. I have come to love platforms with satisfying feeds that openly express their creativity, so I've decided to make my own with a purpose. As a young woman, I often find myself browsing the web for those who have the same interests and thoughts as I do.


In what ways can I change my mindset to become more positive and confident?

How can I manipulate my personal energy, and apply it to my character?

Do other women feel the same as I do?


These are essential questions to this brand in which I intend to answer. In addition to offering a platform that covers these ideals, I plan to open a shop along with the blog. Accessories such as homemade candles, stickers, phone cases, and posters will be offered with art that portrays positive messages, auras and aesthetics. Thank you for taking the time to learn about the divine feminine, and it's mission to provide a guide to a healthier mind, self-love, and embracing the themes of womanhood.

Abigail Rose

to learn more about the writer please visit

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