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About Me

Abigail Rose Richards is 21 years old and currently attends Towson University, following her two years at Howard Community College. Currently, she is majoring in Mass Communications and is pursuing the Journalism route with an emphasis in Womens Studies. Her present occupation is in the marketing field where she designs professional websites, logos, and graphics. She has created professional websites for Dill Dinkers Pickleball company which has over 300,000 visitors in the first 3 months of operation. She also manages the personal branding, graphics, web design, web maintence, and social media advertising.

Abigail has won county awards in her poetry, short stories, and essays in the past. She hopes to jump start her professional career in both writing and marketing by spreading her blog, The Divine Feminine, to a larger platform. Some things she writes about in her blog center around the topics and her passions of feminism, societal challenges, aesthetics, sharing healthy lifestyle habits, and promoting an open mind. 

In her free time, she plays Towsons Women’s club lacrosse, hits the gym often, does creative makeup, paints, creates personal graphic art, cooks healthy meals, and does photography. In the past, she has been Hammond High School’s Girls Lacrosse captain, and taken part in Howard Community College’s newspaper. She has worked many jobs since she was 13 years old; from being a Equine Barnhand and instructor, to a Home Daycare Assistant. Abby looks forward to the future and is very persistent in making any type of creative, yet professional product. 

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